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We provide aerial film and
photography services

Aerial video and photography are the new standard of real estate marketing. Drones give you the possibility to show your property from a unique vantage point. Aerial videos show the dimensions, distinguishing features, and location of your property listing. Aerial photography is perfect for unique and large homes. The aerial images and videos can also be turned into social media postings, attracting more visitors to your website.


Project: Property presentation, Calvinstrasse
Client: Part-B

Drone shootings during the Calvin Strasse project. It was very important to show the property from the hight and very important to show the property from the hight and blabla



Project: Property presentation, Calvinstrasse
Client: Part-B

Drone shootings during the Calvin Strasse project. It was very important to show the property from the hight and very important to show the property from the hight and blabla


We use Phantom 3 Professional Drone. Produces FullHD and 4K footage. This is the best way to display your property from air. Our drone is capable of shooting video and photo.

General Rules

  • Operating Temperature Range of the drone: 0° to 40°C
  • No flight before sunrise or after sunset.
  • There must always exist visual contact with the video drone
  • Flights up to 40 km/h wind force
  • Maximum altitude 150 m
  • Maximum horizontal distance to pilot 150 meters
  • Flight time per flight currently max. 8 minutes
  • No crossing of persons


Important to know

  • VISUAL CONTENT is easier to comprehend as compared to reading (for most people). 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Adding relevant VISUALS to the text, especially in color, boosts the reader’s interest and ensures that the 65% of the content is retained even after 3 days.
  • Nowadays People learn to comprehend more information in shorter time. VISUAL CONTENT helps to maintain the viewership and increase it. Being more visual makes the target audience engaged and focused.
  • To simplify the process of information sharing, incorporate infographics (still and animated) in social networking and marketing as this helps reduce the burden of information overloading.
  • Videos tend to garner more attention and are shared more often on social networking sites. People nowadays prefer to have access to information while on-the-go and the best way to get that information is through videos.
  • The best way to have returning visitors on social sites is by posting VISUALS with which people can relate to emotionally or have a moving effect on. People can relate to videos and photographs easier.

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  • 1

    I need drone footage immediately. How quickly can you shoot it for me?

    Since it is illegal to take drone shots without having acquired a permit first. Permits are granted on an individual application basis, which is why we need a minimum of one and a half to two weeks to obtain the permit on your behalf and commence shooting.
  • 2

    If we have a permit, does it mean we can fly where, when and how we want?

    No. Permits always specify a safe flight route and when shooting we must stick to this route. For example, we cannot fly above a crowd of people, highways, private properties of other people, etc. Other/further restrictions may be applicable, depending on the location of the building and its surroundings.
  • 3

    What information do you need us to provide for a quote or to plan a flight?

    Before you go too far into the planning stages, contact us first. You may be in a geographical area where it may not be possible to provide our services. We will need some basic details of your requirements so we can carry out an initial pre-site survey to see the suitability of your requirements.
    – Location (The longitude and latitude would be perfect, or a post-code will do)
    – Proposed date and time.
    We will let you know if your requirements are acceptable, so you can continue to fine-tune your plans.
  • 4

    What if on the day of the shoot or shortly before that your equipment fails? What would you do?

    Generally the risk of our equipment failing is very low as we maintain it very carefully and we check everything many times before coming to the location of the shoot. However if, for whatever reason the equipment fails we will find at least a like for like replacement for that equipment to ensure that there is no unnecessary disruption to the shoot itself. We also take responsibility for re-organising a shoot and, if necessary, the cost of making a further application for a drone permit.
  • 5

    Can you take photos with the drone?

    Yes, we can. Phantom 3 Professional makes JPEG, DNG (RAW).

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