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Branded Films

Branded films are a type of short-length films created by brands for communicating their values. It’s not just an ad. Such videos are a powerful instrument for storytelling. Only in these stories, your brand is the «core» instead of a lead character. It’s much more about your aesthetics and your philosophy which strengthens audience’s trust in the product or service you provide. Branded films can be made as documentaries or fictional films, usually up to 10 minutes. They also can be made as a series of short films, for example, like a series «Central Berlin Stories» we created for the brand of Central Berlin.

Central Berlin Stories. Daphne

This is one of the four films we made within the Central Berlin Stories project. The goal of the project was to show a spirit of the place, tell a meaningful story about it, show its historical value. We decided to tell this story by interviewing a girl who lives in one of the historical buildings.

Central Berlin Stories. Jenny

“The second part of Central Berlin Stories is about Central Berlin Gallery and a host of it Jenny.
She is telling us about Interior design and amazing items from GDR times.”

Central Berlin Stories. Golem

The third part of the Stories shows the crafting of the original tiles for Central Berlin Strausberger Platz.

Central Berlin Stories. Glass

This part depicts the amazing process of crafting and glass-blowing of the amazing milk bottle lamps for the Central Berlin Strausberger Platz.

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